Dear Young Black Girls

October 17, 2017
By simone.outlaw BRONZE, Burlington , New Jersey
simone.outlaw BRONZE, Burlington , New Jersey
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I know what its like to live in the world today
Always being judged
All the young black boys
Want to date the white girls
With the long straight hair
thin lips and flat butts
Flat chests and thigh gaps
So you keep asking yourself
Whats wrong with me
Everybody always has their hands in your hair
Looking for tracks
Or to feel if you have a weave 
Even though you tell them it's natural
They must feel your roots to see
People always ask you
What are you mixed with
And you always say
I'm just black
And they don't believe it 
Because nobody wants a girl
Who is just black 
You all over social media that 
Black girls are too loud
Black girls are too ghetto
And when black girls aren't ghetto
They're bougie 
It's hard to be a black girl
In the world today
But my young black girls
With your afros and head full of curls
Always remember
That white girls curl their hair
Plump their lips
Get breast and butt injections
So they look more like you
Because black is beautiful 

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