Mother Nature is Aging

October 17, 2017
By C9kitty GOLD, Beijing, Other
C9kitty GOLD, Beijing, Other
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FEAR has two meanings:
Forget everything and Run
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How beautiful it once was
When we played by the trees
Down the road near the seesaws
The flowers shined and danced
The blazing heat of the sun igniting the ball dance
And oh did nature dance
It was next to the lake where we pranced
All we did and all we done was run, run, run.

Day and Night, Dawn and Dusk
We chased and chased
Ran and ran
Climbing through the verdant hills
Splashing in the rippling calm lake
But never once, never once did we stop and admire
The ethereal colours blazing down upon the lake where we ate
Never once did we stop and enjoy the aroma of the blossoming flowers
Or the fresh smell of pine as we ran in the early morning
Nature gave it to us all
The grass the trees
The lake the leaves
And never ever asked anything from me

They say “ignorance is bliss”
But what we did was ignore the peaceful ripples of the lake that we would later crave for
What we did was run past the dazzling moors 
What we did was climb over trees, jump on their leaves
Manipulating, using nature
But never, ever appreciating it
What once was
Will never be much more than a faded memory
What once was peaceful walks towards the serene lake while our chortles resonated in the air
Will be nothing
What once was playful banter underneath the looming pines
Will be nothing at all

The author's comments:

Don't take Nature for granted

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