I"m Fine

October 16, 2017
By GreenNicholas BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
GreenNicholas BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Im fine

No, Really, I am--I.m Fine

I mumble to myselg

Because I have to be

I havew to be because you arent

If i.,m not, then how can I help?

I put my thoughts and my feelings on hold becuase they aren't what's important

I ignore them until you are out of my sight

I hide them becuase you make me

I hide them because I can't bare you to see me struggle!


I'm fine

ya see, 

I go home and I go straight to bed

not because I'm tired

b ut because I dont want to be awake

I don't want to risk the slightest think to go wrong

like getting a bad grad eon a test, Or not texting my mom back

Because if it does

I will explode.

If it does I will sing deeper and deeper and deeper down into the hole I dug myself


You ask me if i'm okay

You text, you call nonstop

I can tell that you are worried

I can tell that you know I'm lying

I don't want to say I'm fine, but I do

You beg me to tell you the truth

All I say is, "I can't, I'm sorry"


Later that day, I call you

I say under my breath, "I'm not okay"

I need help but I don't know where to start

See, I"ve put aside my feelings for so long

I dont know how to deal with  them

I dont want to

I got this-- I've survived for this long

I can go longer

This is my normal

I'm fine...

The author's comments:

I hope others realize that friends who try and try to be there for you but you reject them over and over again understand taht it really does mean a lot! Sometimes people have battles that you dont know.

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