Dust, Dustbuster, and the Witch

October 16, 2017
By erg97 BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
erg97 BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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Best recommendation of places to go on a list of places you don't want to go to
Starring me the evil witch,
Depression the dusty crumbles,
And anxiety the faulty dustbuster with the inevitable hacking:
My dad holds his daughter who is a carcass that is crumbling
I leave dust trails where I walk
From the crumbling of my hollow bones
I bought a dustbuster
I carry it around with me to clean up my trail
I try to keep the dust out of people's way
But my dustbuster breaks quite often
It spews dust into the air
It fills my lungs until I can't breathe and I choke
And then I cough and then I'm hacking
But hacking is not good for a hollow crumbling carcass
It makes cracks along the lengths of my bones
So I don't lose fingers rather they split right down the middle
Leaving me with 20 nonfunctional dangling pieces of fingers
My dust trail is like the bread trail left by Hansel and Gretel
Except there is no gingerbread house
There is only the evil cannibalistic witch and she is me
And there's no candy on this house only crumbling pieces of bones
But I still recommend a visit
Perhaps if you’re lucky
Instead of going in the oven she'll plop you right into her soup
Let your bones stew until they are soft
Soft so that you can suck out rich marrow
Allow yourself to stew into a fluid free flowing boundless spirit
This is I believe, is the only way to avoid the crumbling
The merciless act of watching your fingers fray
And wishing so much dust hadn't crumbled on poor dad

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