The Point

October 13, 2017

Sometimes I wonder
why we’re here.
Will I be remembered
after years and years
of birth and death
have passed me by?
After kids grow up
and newborns cry?
Will I just be another soul
in the oasis of the past?
What is the point
if when it’s done
we’re left with no legacy
we’re left with no one?

The point is love.
The point is music.
The point is ecstasy.
The point is family.
The point is friendship.
The point is dancing in the rain.
The point is memories.
The point is picking flowers.
The point is laughing until you cry.

The point is
your life is
the flower
and these moments
are your sunlight.
The point is

once it’s all gone

your legacy will be
in the love
you gave.
The point is
the way it ends
doesn’t matter
if you live
the in between
like the end
isn’t real.

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