Land and Sea

October 13, 2017
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You can have the vessels racing through the stormy waves,
gliding across your vast waters, sparkling with the sunlight

if I can have the cars and trucks racing down the winding streets,
sports cars rushing, the rusted bicycles rolling along

You can have the seagrasses, their viridescent arms
breaking through your sandy bottom,

if I can have the trees reaching their budding branches
up towards the sun,  waiting for the warm rays to open them up.

You can have the crabs, their jagged claws
scuttling across the sand,

if I can have the people
skipping, jumping, running across the open fields.

You can have the waves coming in, and kissing the sandy shore,
then slowly drifting back into deep blue

if I can have the clouds, the soft white to dark menacing grey
drifting slowly across the ever changing sky.

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