Collection of you

October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Locked heart
I didn't know how to word this
Or tell you in anyway
There isn't a thing to do to change my mind
Now i've probably tried to write this
Over a thousand times
But keeping it inside
It feels like i never tried
But i don't know what to believe
People always tell me to keep moving forward
But i keep on trying to fight till the end
Because i will never stop loving you

I have dreams about you
You hold me tight
I feel your arms surround me
And it feels so right
But now my stomachs in a knot
My heads in the clouds
I always liked the rain till you came around
You're holding me tighter than you ever did
But please let me go i don’t need this again
Our love was made for movie screens
But now the curtains are drawn
And i watched the screen fade
As you walked away
Yet my heart had faded to grey

Life among the clouds
You don't deserve to be written about
I sit on the windowsill
and count the long hours
I pick off the petals of all the sorrow and flowers
Maybe one day
I will see you again
Hear your voice
Feel your laugh
And your hazel eyes catch my draft
I slept in your shirt last night
It smelled like you
I will never forget the warm feeling
And the memories of me and you

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