October 13, 2017
By Lili7 BRONZE, Chiang Mai, Other
Lili7 BRONZE, Chiang Mai, Other
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Oh, how I wish I walked more slowly.
I ran too fast to where I’m right now, and now I want to go back, to
where you are right now.Where everyone smiles at your cute little face and gives you sweets-

Where you watch the raindrops race down the window of the car
when your ma drives you to the mart ‘cause you begged to come with-
Where you shout “punch-buggy” when you see a strange little car passing by-
Where you stick cone chips on your fingertips and show off your evil nails-
Where you pour your pop into the cap and drink it like a shot-
Where your day is made when the teacher puts you in charge-
Where you touch the little roly-poly
again and again and again
just cause you like seeing it curl up into a wee little ball-
Where you jump over all the white tiles
just cause your mission is to step on only the blue ones-
Where you spread white glue all over your hands
just cause it’s fun to peel off-
Where you rub and rub and sniff at the grape-scented “Great Job” stickers stuck on your homework-
Where your wish list for Santa is long and colorful ‘cause you want this and that and that and this-

Where you and your friend pick petals off a flower chanting “he loves me, he loves me not,”
and when the latter gets chosen, arguing that the stem counts as well-
Where you and your sister build mini blanket forts and for that night become princesses with special powers---

Stay there for now.
Come slowly, no need to hurry.
Here- it’s not what you think it’s like.

Oh, I don’t want you to face the day.
The day when you’ll see that
the brightly smiling faces are actually frowning facades-
The day you won’t care about the rain on the window of the car or the strange cars racing past-
The day you’ll just eat the cone-shaped chips and drink your soda without any fun-
The day you’ll be too lazy to follow your ma around or be in charge of your class-
The day when it won’t matter if the bug on the street rolls up or not-
The day when you won’t even notice the colors of the tiles at the mall-
The day you’ll just use glue to glue and stickers to stick-
The day you won’t have a list for Santa cause what you want can’t be bought-
The day when you’ll hear that the little fantasies of your world are stupid and unreal-
The day when you’ll no longer believe in petals or play princess---

The day when you’ll finally let go of your dreams in the fat face of reality.

The day for me came too early,
and I no longer live like you.


Although I wish it never did,
the day for you will come.
So child, sweet child, all I can do
is ask of you to come a little slowly.
Don’t just run on the hard concrete path set before you.
Look to the side,
watch the gorgeous flaming sunset,
and step out onto the lush green meadows.
Marvel at the dainty flowers
and then turn your eyes to the colossal blue sky.
Why don’t you also take time to lie down on the damp grass-
and later gaze at the sparkling silver stars of the dark expanse.
After doing all this, why don’t you sing a couple rhymes and linger a bit more?
Then, child, you’ll have to move on-
but at least you’ll have come slowly, very slowly, making cherishable memories.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my little sister.

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