Trapped Perfections

October 13, 2017
By YumnaAzeez GOLD, Colombo, Other
YumnaAzeez GOLD, Colombo, Other
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- Anton Chekhov -

There was once a beautiful peacock, living within an airy cage.
He spent his days strutting alone, fenced in by iron locked bars
where his feathers were vibrant with every shade,
But his heart was grey, not bright like the stars.
One evening, down swooped a crow blacker than the night
and seeing the blue look on the pretty peacocks face enquired,
“My dear Sir, why do you seem to be as if you have faced such plight?”
The peacock faced the crow, shook his long feathers and cried,
“Oh, you will not understand my pain you common black bird!
My troubles are not worth to be shared with someone as dark as you.
Talking to you alone casts a shadow over my flawless repute.”
The crow remained silent, not daring yet to speak.
As the moonlight shone down the birdcage the crow said,
“I may not be beautiful as you but I understand your ache no less.”
“Speak for yourself you ugly foul low life! Screeched the peacock, his face red,
I am a work of art, praised daily and flattered with no end.
An exotic bird amongst all! Can’t you read the sign?
accepted by all, bringing delight to those who come view me
your black wings are chased away as you only bring disgust, leaving people in loathing.
I am treated like royalty while you rummage through heaps for your next meal
you’re nothing next to me as my perfection dims your dark face.”
The crow pecked at his feathers flew down and replied,
“Your ego and pride dulls your beauty away until there is nothing left inside
you spend day after day in gloom despite being robed in your good looks
you’re reputation has blinded you more than sad hearts’ tears ever could
and binds you to this captured state stronger than any metal ever would,
I spend the days in content even though my coat is laced with the recent rubbish scavenged.
It is true you live in ease while I struggle out there where I’m never welcome,
But in the end I am free while here you remain caged.
You are held captive because of your beauty which will wither away with time
your perfection is what has you trapped more than the locks fastened on these gates
you’re pretty feathers bring joy to all except you while my murky wings pleases none except me.
It is nearly morning I must away, to soar high till I reach blue skies and face the day.”
With that the crow spread his free wings and through the bars he flew away,
The beautiful peacock was left alone once again in his airy cage
strutting towards the little pond he looked over the edge
and saw a magnificent peacock in the water with tears in his eyes.
His reflection was crystal clear, it was perfect just like him
silently a tear fell sending tiny ripples in the water
Blurring the perfect portrait of the beautiful but locked peacock.

The author's comments:

We all try to be the best....sometimes at the expense of our own true happiness. It's up to us to decide whether we rather be the crow or the peacock......

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