The Other Side

October 12, 2017
By Anonymous

                         Taking a sip of walking on air

                         sores begin to open and tear

                      my heart begins to race with pain

                          my blood turns into a stain

                             tears flow into a river

                             as it reflects like silver

                            my mind stress, as my

                               body never rest

                           i am torn like weakness

                             ready to throw a pout,

                              scream and shout

                            trying to stay strong

                            but the wait is too long

                             im ready to go home

                            over there i wont be along

                                 i see the light

                                its big and bright

                            see you soon, it wont be

                           too long, on the other side.

The author's comments:

Theres been family members that i have lost and thier sickness is the reason why they wanted to leave and go to heaven. they didnt want to suffer any more. I can feel there pain and i miss them dearly.

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