Brown Eyes

October 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Oh those brown eyes
The ones that swallow you whole
The ones that make you fall in love
The brown eyes that were full of wonder
Full of curiosity
They were full of hope and happiness
I love your brown eyes
Especially when they gazed upon my dull
Hazel eyes
But I hate your brown eyes at the same time
When they look at other people and you feel the same about them as I do about you
When your brown eyes loose their twinkle
When they fill with tears rather than wonder
I am in a love hate relationship
Not just with you
But the way your eyes make me feel
My poor hazel eyes fell hard for your brown ones
They filled with tears just as yours do sometimes
I knew I couldn't love you
But at least I got to love your eyes
And all the good and bad that came with them

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