Whats Your River

October 12, 2017
By Marcelino916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Marcelino916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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What's your river?
Is it dark and mysterious
Or is it as clear as day
Can you just dip your feet in it
Or can you swim to your heart's content all day
Can you feel the fish touching your feet
Or the current of the waves
Are the rocks as soft as the grass
Or as rough as broken glass
Do the waves flow
Or do they rise
Does the sun set
Or does the moon rise
Do the fish bite
Or do they cling tight
Would you crash like a fly seeing a window
Or would you sink like a rock
Is it peace and tranquility
Or is it war and violence
Can you feel the floor
Or do you float like a boat
Does the water surround you
Or do you surround the water
Does the sea rest
Or does it never sleep
My river is reckless
It cannot be controlled but it can be guided and I shall watch it unfold

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