October 12, 2017
By The_Kool_Potato BRONZE, A Place, Colorado
The_Kool_Potato BRONZE, A Place, Colorado
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The time when I got sadly thrown
Into this lonely prison
Was when I was just a kid
I’d have some fun for some time
When the guard came I’d listen
Even though I didn’t like it
There would be a time when I
Could leave this lonely place
But I couldn’t let go
I was chained with no chain
I was grounded with no chain
I was grounded with pain
These people would try to help
But I was too ashamed
I tried to leave
But I used the wrong things
I talked to the people
Who were also chained
But I found no result for
For my freedom and pain
I am a sinner
A sinner of shame
I sit here in this prison
Looking for the wrong things
But what I need is above
Yet I don’t allow it
When will I be free?
O Lord, set me free.

The author's comments:

This poem is all about what is going on in my life right now. The prison is a metaphor. 

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