My Grade Language Arts Teacher

October 12, 2017
By Princefluffybear BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
Princefluffybear BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
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Her name was Ms. Hansen,

I hated her class at first; I thought it was annoying.

but by the end of the year, I loved it.

I looked forward to her class every single day,

I looked forward to seeing her smile and hearing how happy she was to see us every day.

Ms. Hansen was the mother that I would look forward to see every day.

When I would be in a bad mood, she always knew how to cheer me up,

and I would do the same for her.

I honestly wish that I was still in seventh grade.

Third, fourth, and eighth hour were my favorite.

I miss being her proctor and doing stuff for her,

I miss the "Good morning/afternoon future of America",

I miss the parts of speech games,

the essays,

the projects,

the two pets,

I miss Ms. Harpool,

the Wednesday tribe wars,

I miss the poetry slam;

that spawned my love for poetry.

I just miss her.

I love Ms. Hansen,

I love how she treats us like we're her own children;

even though she doesn't want any.


Her name is Ms. Hansen.

Her smile lights up my day,

her amount of support astounds me,

she's helped me through everything,

picked me up when I fell down,

and pushed me to do my best.

That's why she deserved the Golden Apple award,

no one else.

No other teacher has proved that they really care about their students as much as she did, at least in my experience.

She shows her love and how much she cares through how she acts.

She is the ONLY Language Arts teacher to make me happy like that.

I wish I couls still be in her class whenever I want, but I can't.


One day, I'm gonna be out of here (school) and I might not think about coming back;

but I will.

I'll come back so i can see and help her again,

I'll come back so I can tell her students what an amazing teacher she is,

tell them to trust her,

and tell them how much she helped me.;

that she'll be there for them whenever.

I'll tell them to respect her,

or I'll kick their butts;

because she doesn't deserve that.

She deserves more than the world.

She's the best teacher I've ever had,

the most accepting and caring for her students.

I miss 7th grade,

I miss her.

Her name is Ms. Hansen,

and she was my seventh grade Language Arts teacher.

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