My Lover's Rebirth

October 12, 2017

It was all over. We were done. There was no return. No more laughing.  No more hanging out. No more cuddling. No more gifts,  anniversaries, no more compassionate moments.  No more fussing,  fighting,  crying or stressing.  All vanished in front of my eyes all at once.  How I wished I would have enjoyed those moments when I had them. I always wanted things I didn't have. Refused the things I could've had.  Complained about the things I did have, and what I didn't have.  Then in a blink of an eye,  I lost my only true love. He was gone.  Blood reeking out of his skin.  Eyes half-way closed.  Not a single breath of hope left in his body. This was the first time I had ever cried an ocean. I shook him and shook him attempting to wake him up,  crying over his body,  when his soul had already left. Twelve security officers came to escort me out,  but I was too determined to hear just one more deep,  lovingly-kind word or facial expression from him. While I was being dragged out; I seen something.  I knew I seen him wink at me.  People always told me that's literally impossible.  But that one wink that I thought I seen,  gave me hope.  Gave me a hope for another chance.  I don't know what I expected. But when I figured out what he really turned into, I never thought of him the same.

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