10 Seconds of Courage

October 12, 2017
By Lil_Heims11 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
Lil_Heims11 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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I chose the road less travelled.
It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.
I really thought I was going to do it this time.
I guess I have a history of repeating the past.
Let me give you a backstory.

It’s homecoming week, the best week of the year, and I don’t want to go alone again.
Everyone is dressed up for spirit days from black and gold to pajamas and pink out.
There’s me, walking the exuberant halls, also in my most spirited clothes,
BUt I have my headphones in and head down,
Not being noticed, almost like a ghost.

There’s this girl, flawless in every way.
Her luscious brown hair and her perfect smile that glistens like the sun,
A dime, if you will, and she’s way out of my league.
I think to myself and after hours and hours of debating with myself I decide…
This is the year I ask her to Homecoming.

Then I question myself again.
How are you going to ask her? Will it be cute and funny or ugly and dumb?
Is it too late? Does she already have a date?
Will she say no? Will she say yes?
Which group will we join for pictures and dinner?

I finally get help from a friend and we come up with an A1 plan.
There’s flowers of course, because girls love flowers.
And a dog, seriously, how could she say no to a dog?
Lastly the poster, which I delegated to my friend to make because of my ugly handwriting.
This is the year I ask her to Homecoming.

This is the day I ask her to Homecoming.
I have everything made and everyone, including the dog, with me to make it happen.
She’s at work, slaving away and handing out whatever snacks the customer orders.
She doesn’t even know what’s about to happen.
This is the day I ask her to Homecoming.

Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy. The questions race through my mind.
Do I smell bad? Am I too ugly?
Will she see my sweat stains? It’s so hot I think I’m going to pass out.
Is my poster creative enough? Will the dog run away?
Will she say no? Will she say yes?

I chose the road less travelled, and it made all the difference.
I didn’t even move out of the car, in fact, I was frozen like a statue.
There’s only three days left and I still don’t have a date or plans.
I guess I’ll have to show up like last year.
I guell I’ll continue to live a life of shyness.

The author's comments:

Most kids in my school see me talk with a few kids in the top clique from school and think I'm an outgoing person. In reality, I'm a reserved person and often don't open up about stuggles and never do anything outside my comfort zone, hence the inclusion of shyness and courage in the spoken word poem. If there's one thing I hope people take away, it's that to always go for it and take risks. If you fail, it's just a learning experience.

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