Night Always Turns into Day

October 12, 2017
By MWilm12 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
MWilm12 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Love is dangerous.

It makes you fall deep

into a black hole

where you find yourself lost

and in dark places

without anyone there to help you but yourself.

There is a bright light shining

down on you while everything else is

pitch black.

It makes you vulnerable.

In the shadows,

you never know what will jump out at you,

and you are scared.

Fear traps in your chest

and you cannot get it out.


Close your eyes and breathe.

The moon, high in the sky,

is your guidance to climb out of the hole.

You scurry your way out only to find the day is gone

and the twilight of the sky gives slight comfort

from the fact that you just climbed

from the dark

and now, out of the hole,

you remain in the blackness of this world.

The moonlight is still there,

the only thing able to be depended on.

You run from love,

you try to hide from it,

to keep it from its scheme of sneakily snatching you,

but it is far too beautiful.

In its eternity,

it will continue to trap you and keep you in its arms,

forcing you to try again even though its chaos is far

too much to handle.

Love is the darkness around you.

Time after time it will try to get you to break,

but you continue to bend.

And through the nights that you are alone,

the moon is still there to guide you.

Your dependence upon it remains,

for even during an eclipse,

it is there.

The moon,

your hope in love,

still remains there,

hiding behind the thing that blocks it.

It will return.

You are in denial

that it can help you forever.

You fall

back into love with the one who broke you,

who tore you apart,

the one who threw you into that black hole.

It takes time.

It takes time to realize that you are better than that,

it takes time for the night to end,

it takes time to find someone who truly gives you the pleasure

to learn to trust another

rather than continually relying on the moon.

But once you open

your eyes to the dawn of a new day,

you will remember the reason why you fell

into that black hole in the first place,

you will not make those mistakes again,

and you will learn how to

truly find your happy ending,

even if it means closing that


of the night

and opening

to a new sunrise.

Love is worth it.

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