I can't

October 11, 2017
By CallieRichter GOLD, Atlantic, Iowa
CallieRichter GOLD, Atlantic, Iowa
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I can't hate you

but I can't love you

You're a blade to my throat

and a shiver in my spine

You're a song in my heart

and the sun shining on my face

I look at you and all I dee is wonder

destroying you like a hurricane

But then I look deeper

and see something that wasn't 

there before

You look at me

the same way I look at you 

Not with eyes

but with soul and heart

You wonder about

what could've happened

if you hadn't been so drunk 

And what could've happened if you had been drunker

About who you are  to me and who I am to you

And that my friend is why

I can't hate you

but I cant love you

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