Two Sided

October 11, 2017
By Lilly Francis BRONZE, Burkburnett, Texas
Lilly Francis BRONZE, Burkburnett, Texas
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2 Sided (Part one)

The gentle spring;
A sign of sweetness.

You fall to the ground…
Staring at the sky in awe.

You feel the happiness
Like the heat from the sun.

You look at yourself in the mirror;
Trying to see through yourself.

You see a bright shining face…
A happy person.

You look so happy,
But you can't see through it.

You can only see the smile…
That the world wishes you to have…

But no, all you see is the light of happiness,
A light of which you don't understand.

A light that makes you act happy,
But it is only an act.

You know that if you can't see through yourself…
No one can see through you.

All they will see is the side of you;
The side that makes you seem okay.

2 Sided (Part two)

It's in the time that we don't see,
The battle that builds inside.
The pulling forces like waves
Of a Sharp-Strong-Sea, but
You are not that strong.

Thoughts compile in your head:
Who will win between these two?
You may never know, but
You know that you will be the one to lose.

You lose yourself to the never ending cycle;
The Harsh Sea.
Searching for a hand to hold.
Searching for yourself, but
You know you can never find yourself.

You fear the Unknown, but
Your bed isn't the Unknown…
You fear People, but
You fear Yourself the most...
You are your worst Enemy.

You worry about how much to eat, but
You eat nothing, just to be safe…
You Panic about everything, but
You don't do anything…
Because if you don't do anything,
You don't have to worry about doing anything wrong.

BUT, the one fear that is the biggest…
The one that pulls you apart;
Isn't the one that everyone can see,
But the one that is quiet…
Because it is the hidden side.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by an event that happened currently at our school. The problems that people have are not always the thing that you will see.

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