Between the Moments

October 11, 2017
By kenziebyrkit BRONZE, St Peters, Missouri
kenziebyrkit BRONZE, St Peters, Missouri
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The learning happens between the moments
Between the “I love you, see you tonight” and the “I love you, I hope I ever see you again.”

Learning comes after the been-at-home all your life but before the “Mom I really want to come home.”

Learning comes between the dark haired boy that sits quietly but charmingly in your advanced class and the big fat F, “try better next time,” the professor slams down in front of you.
Between the late night calls to your best friend from back home because you’re stressed and can’t stop eating the piles of junk food in front of you.
Learning comes right between listening to your shared playlist together and the fights, the “I hate you”’s and the all night crying you feel will never, ever end.

Learning comes from the moment you step into the brisk air but jump back into your mother’s arms because the thought of never running home again for Taco Tuesday’s after softball practice is too much to handle because simply,
It is you against the world now.

“You’re going to do great things,”
“Please come home for the holidays!”

Learning happens between the moments but
No one really knows how to learn,
Learning just seems to find us.

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