Someday I Will

October 11, 2017
By haleycall BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
haleycall BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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Someday I will stop overthinking.

I will stop the bitterness in my mouth as I worry myself if I said the wrong thing in my fourth period.
“I agree with you but, I think humans do contribute to the cause of global warming.”

I will stop my stomach from churning as I wonder if I’m good enough, or if I’ll ever get a boyfriend.
The thoughts scurry through my mind like a mouse trying to find its way through a maze.

I will stop staring into the mirror wondering if my clothes are trendy enough or if I’m going to fit in.
‘Does this teal shirt look good with these blue jeans?’

I will stop making myself feel guilty for everything when in reality I did nothing wrong.
‘Did I say something that pissed her off?’

I will stop hearing the whispers as I walk by and think that they are about me.
“Oh, they are probably talking about how uneven my eyeliner is.”

I will stop worrying if the smell my perfume is overwhelming or too strong, or if I’m wearing too little.

I will stop not giving myself enough credit for everything I do for others.

Someday I will stop overthinking.

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