Someday I Will Stop Worrying

October 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Someday I will stop worrying.
It’s always present,
even when everything is perfect.
“Whats wrong?” i’m asked.
“Nothing.” I say,
forcing a fake laugh.
The constant doubt,
The knot in my stomach,
It never goes away.
It’s there on my happiest days.
Even as i write this,
i feel the knot growing.

Like a loyal dog
it waits for me patiently,
Always ready to reunite with me
Like a poison,
it creeps throughout my body.

But when i'm with her it's gone,
my antidote.
The knot unwinds,
the stress releases.
Everything is perfect in that moment.
That feeling never stays though.
Once my antidote is gone,
the floodgates open
we’re back to square one.
Maybe someday I will stop worrying.

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