America the Broken

October 11, 2017
By MHennemann BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
MHennemann BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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Of the people, for the people
We the people
These words are what built us
Every generation of us
This is what built america from the ground up

But yet we are infatuated on others
Other countries we have our noses in
When we don’t even get a whiff of what is happening at home
People are starving, crying
You know what people are even dying

Why is it when the age 18 comes around
We have no problem signing up for a war
Using weapons and killing other men
But alcohol is still considered a sin?

We are land of the free
Home of the Brave
But how do you consider us free
When people can’t even protest
By taking a knee

America can become whatever it wants
But all we’d rather do is make excuses
We settle with
The conditions we live in

You have two options in this life
You can make the change
Or stay a bystander
The decision is in your hands
What will you do?

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