Blue Moon

October 11, 2017

Beyond the bright stars,
You sit upon your throne,
Above thy waters,
You beautiful Moon.

I gaze at your exquisite face,

Your shimmer and your shine.
To others you're just a figure,
A figure in the sky.

But to me you're my diamond,
My diamond and my bride.

You give me hope when there's only suffer,
A plate when there's no food.
You pick me up when I have fallen,
And you push and pull my tide.

When there is nothing left,
I look up to you.
Sitting in your dark night sky,
I can't help falling in love with you.

Your perfection doesn't make me jealous,
It just makes me love you more.

To be with you forever,
May only be a dream,
But to be with you for eternity,
Would be my reality.

So as I fall asleep tonight,
I put our differences aside,
So before I fall asleep tonight,
I gaze at you one last time,
At your beauty and perfection;
You blue tinted Moon.

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