Meditative Medicine

October 11, 2017
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vast ocean,
of anything but shimmering lights.
An ocean
Gently swaying back and forth,
With slight swells cascading through
Your fabric.
Your Fibers.
Your Life.
You find yourself here when you sleep each night,
But your dreams wash over this place

like a blanket.

Your  mind

Your  thoughts
Your  feelings
Fill  it,
When they
We murder this place,
This deep contentment,
With our ever immersive
This place,
This ocean,
Its beauty isn’t in itself
It is itself.
It’s inner and outer.
Roaring to life only after you
Fill it up again.
You give it  life to read it-
To reread it.
And it in turn strips away you
To remind you.
Of you.

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amber09 said...
Oct. 18 at 12:13 am
Deep, man. It was amazing.
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