envision the elements

October 11, 2017
By Rachel Ronan BRONZE, Oceanside, New York
Rachel Ronan BRONZE, Oceanside, New York
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you set my skin aflame with just one touch, your tongue left deep burns across my skin as you trailed it across my entire body and your kisses set a spark within me that would never die out. you coated me in lighter fluid, dripping it on me in a way that made me shiver. that would soon cease as you pounced, my entire body beginning to crackle and pop in the night sky. they always told me that irish boys like you had the most fire in them.
you tended to call me petal, one of mother nature's creatures that sprouted from the earth. you laid me naked under the summer stars in the grass of my backyard, dusting my collarbones in dirt. i giggled as you smudged some on my nose and in retaliation, my thumb left a streak on your face, blurring the freckles that were littered all over your body like tiny pebbles found in the ground.
the water you splashed onto me caused my clothes to cling to my skin, making them a sheer material that gave you a show. i stripped down to my skin, letting you see every inch of me, and dunked myself in the lake. the water swirled around us as my head did the same from the feeling of your lips on my neck. we dripped onto each other, peaceful and serene as the way your voice made me feel.
you made me feel like i was flying, my wings cutting through air as i soared. you were refreshing breeze to my humid, dry life. it sent shivers down my spine as you blew on the back of my neck. you made me want to put my back to the wind, stretch my arms out, and see where it would take me. i couldn't breathe without your air.
news flash: all fires die. you burnt out, leaving me completely drowning in ashes, my soft heat flashes were now third degree burns. just as it got too hot, and i needed your flame, your warmth the most, you flicker out.
you buried me six feet under. the bugs began to creep me out, the way they crawled across my skin, sucked at my blood reminded me of you. you drained all the life out of me, and left me to become compost. recycled me into the next girl.
next, you let me drown. you stranded me out to sea, and the salt water in my throat began to burn and make me sick. you let the fluid fill my lungs as you watched me from your floatie and asked what was wrong as my body began to completely submerge. we spilled.
you clipped my wings. i was always your angel, but you couldn't have me flying around anymore. you drained the air from me and i deflated like a f***ing balloon. air whooshed out of me as you watch me sink to the ground, melting into the concrete below.

you gave me the elements just as fast as you took them away, and expected me to fend in a world without them for myself.

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