Do you?

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

When the house goes quiet.And the night comes alive .When you're lying in your bed. Wishing you could close your eyes. When the nightmares come. And your screams jolt you out of sleep. When your sitting up in bed sweating at 2 am. Wishing you weren’t terrified of what the night brings. When you’re gasping for air. Trying to find the words to say. Chocking on the truth. You dare not openly say. When you can’t admit it. When you can’t push it away. How do you move on? Why can’t you find the words to say? When you cry out his name and you know he’s not there. When you feel the bed to find it cold and bare. When you long for the nights of endless peaceful dreams. When you’re murdered in your thoughts and your mind starts to scream. How do you recover? Do you same I’m fine and brush it off? Do you bite your tongue so hard that it’s blood you cough? Do you?

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