Love Is Worth It

October 10, 2017
By itssarahhall BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
itssarahhall BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
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Love is worth fighting for.
In the hour in which we are at our worst,
And fear has driven us blindly into a horrible place,
Love is fear’s true opposite.
The fueling of war, bitterness, disgust, horror,
Is the lack of love in the heart of humans.
Fear drives hatred.
So if perfect love casts out all fear,
And if perfect love gives us as children strength,
Then a community who shows love to others,
As it is called to do,
Especially to those who persecute,
And to those who are condemned,
Fear will take another step to extinction,
And love will take another step to salvation.
And this is good,
For a world without love, is nothing.

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by the song “Love Alone Is Worth the Fight” by Switchfoot. The lead singer of the band, Jon Foreman, describes the meaning of the song in an interview. He explains that we are called by Him to love others, especially those we disagree with or those who persecute us. I encourage readers to love to those around them and to spread this message.

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