the way my river flows

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

My river is calm and quiet
Sometimes stressful and depressing
It’s almost like I’m drowning without even knowing
Not everyone is going to

As the water flow’s i always tend
To end up in a dark place
Trying to look for that bright blue sky
And that shining yellow sun blinding
My eyes

Instead i get Gray Glooming Clouds
With tears falling from the skies
You could just hear those loud tear drops diving
Into the water

As if a storm was about to hit
I’m the type that’ll try and find the easy way out
Sometimes when there’s too much water
I just want to sink in

But then i listen to the tears hitting the water
Telling me to try harder
It’s almost as if the river is leading me through all the bad storms
Trying to prepare me for the good things coming my way

As my life flows on i know where i stand
So basically what I’m saying in this poem
Is that every river you go into will always lead you somewhere good in life
Or somewhere bad you never know what life is going to bring you or have in stored
For you , like my dad always says
“Nothing is ever too hard unless you try harder”
Experience life while you’re still young
Let the river flow 

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