Fahrenheit 451

October 4, 2017
By cheese-n-bacon SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
cheese-n-bacon SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Till are one

A fire engulfs
Lavishing sky scrappers
Turning homes of echoing walls
And mechanical humanoids
Whom favor picture boxes
Over picture books,
Into a city of ashes.

As the jets fly above
A man screams
“Am I happy?!”
Because his wife doesn’t love him
For who he is
But rather who he was.

Back when kerosene
Was perfume
And the morning grass
Had no dew.

A fire enrages
Devouring people
And animals alike
In a wildfire
That’s supposed to change the world
One acre at a time.

Like a phoenix
We will rise again
From the fierce flames
Of our forgotten past
Or will we stumble
Over broken glass
And realize in our last moments,
We were never the person
We tried to be. 

The author's comments:

Based on the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 

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