War Equals Pain

October 4, 2017
By LizboCrazy BRONZE, Viroqua, Wisconsin
LizboCrazy BRONZE, Viroqua, Wisconsin
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Your words are like knives,
That come in a war like fire.

The little things you say,
They hurt like knives to the heart.

Slash and tear away,
I don't mind the pain.

Rip it up and break it into pieces,
The least you could do is put it back into place.

Slash and tear away,
Doesn't hurt one bit.

Knock me down when i'm at my weakest,
But don't think i'll ever forgive you.

So many times you've used them against me,
And every time I forgive.

But think again.

I'm not weak
I'm strong.

And don't you worry….
Ill use my knives against you.

When my scars fade and my knives come out to play,
Don't think you're going to stay.



The author's comments:

Wrote this while listening to music and I was kind of in a dark place.

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