None Like Me

October 4, 2017
By 19burkyl BRONZE, Viroqua, Wisconsin
19burkyl BRONZE, Viroqua, Wisconsin
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You may see me at night,

and many people think we all are the same,

but what you may not know is

they are not like me.


We all are different

in many ways

some of us have many planets going around us everyday

and some of us only have one.


We all shine bright,

some more than others,

some of us are part of constellations,

but we all have a death date.


We all are unique,

in our own special way,

but what you should know is

that there are none like me.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my creative writing class. I hope that people think about this poem and how we all are different, like the stars. I actually wrote this piece about the stars in the sky, but now that I read it more I´m realizing it relates to people too. How some of us are popular and shine bright, and some of us are part of a constellation, like we are part of groups in our life. 

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