Oh the places you'll go

October 4, 2017
By JBobAnders BRONZE, Elk Grove , California
JBobAnders BRONZE, Elk Grove , California
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BAM it really hit me some weight
I realized that i’m the one that chooses my fate
But instead I just go home and hit my mattress
Need to stop procrastinating i really need some practice
With the arts It’s a gift and a curse that i’m passionate
But living at my mom’s you see she’s not having it
She wants me to get a good job and my education
I don’t have a car so i’m at the bus station
My pops to me is like a god but my mother’s a ghost
Pops gets me what i need while my mother cooks me toast
It’s not cool to be a fool so I tried  change
I really tried so hard at first but it felt  strange
I tried to change the way i think not the way i look
Stopped fooling around so much and started reading books
But my head felt heavy like it lost some air
I was sick and tired of the weight so i cut my hair
I was tired of being broke so i got a job
I never had money i’ve always looked like a slob
Now that i got that job i still don't have money
It's a luxury to me still and that's pretty funny
Even though i’m not broke i still live like i am
Living like sam i’m eating green eggs and ham
But oh it's the places you’ll go
But if i never get some money how am I supposed to know
When you’re not handed things in life all you can do is dream
You wanna work hard get the money like CREAM
I can’t run because money rules everything around me
Green blocks my vision so it’s all that i see
And everyday i feel like i’m in my prime
But it’s still so hard to sleep when it becomes bedtime
existing at 17 it’s not as easy as it sounds
I feel like I got a new problem every other minute
All this new stress i feel like i'm drowning  in it
And Time's flying by i need it to slow down
And i really wish i could  just get out of this damn town

The only tool that i have is my brain and my  voice
For all you know just speaking can buy you a rolls royce
For now I might have to settle for a rental
Because this stress is really tearing down my mental

The author's comments:

this piece is about simply trying to exist at 17 years old and trying to figure what you really want to do with your life

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