October 4, 2017

I slip on my eclipse glasses,
and glance at the sun.
The moon covers a little over half
of the sun and gradually covers more.

Steadily, the sky grows darker and darker,
and with each passing minute,
the moon covers a fraction more of the sun.

When only a sliver of the sun is still visible,
people all over Sullivan murmur,
“Only five more minutes!”

The sky now looks as if it were evening,
or very early in the morning.

Three minutes.

The birds start to make their nighttime calls.

Two minutes.

The cicadas start buzzing.

One minute.

Eclipse seekers all over Sullivan look up at the sky,
excitement fills the air.

The sky now looks as if the sun
were setting on the horizon.


I start my timer to see how accurate
The estimate of three minutes,
thirty one seconds of totality was.

My Family and I rip off our glasses,
and stare at the moon,
which is the brightest object in the sky,
besides city lights, and the glare of cars headlights.
The sky was now as dark as night.
People cheer and fireworks launch
to celebrate this special scientific occasion.

Two minutes left.

I soak in the beautiful sight,
grateful, I had the opportunity
to see such a thing.

Finally, the sun starts to peek out
from under the moon, as awed eyes start
to peel from the beautiful sight.

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