Falling Again

October 3, 2017
By TomNettles SILVER, Newcastle, Washington
TomNettles SILVER, Newcastle, Washington
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I traveled fourteen hundred miles,
Just to make things right
Hope bled bone dry
And time having run through my hands

My reason for coming down from the sky
My reason for being in this world
Now devoid of hope,

Three years older
And alone
On the verge of becoming something else

It all shatters again,
A friend leaves in one direction
I had let her in
And she had looked
Taken the warmth from me
And left me numb and abandoned

And through the blinding sky,
I fall again
Nothing to slow me
Nothing to break the fall,
But the jagged rocks around me
And my own wings

I try desperately to open them again
My only gift
Other than my words
Now scattered, lost and broken in the wind

And for the first time in my life I scream-
The ground rushing up to meet me
And return me to the fate I chose
Over the sky and the sun

I will meet it
Shattered now
And irreparable soon,

It all would have been comforting,
If this wasn't so familiar of three years ago
The only difference,
There's no one on the ground to save
And I have to do this alone
Time seems to stop and I close my eyes-

A fraction of a second,
And I am wrapped in a tight embrace
The rain speeds up as I slow down
Soft arms around my chest
And a smooth face just out of sight
A smooth breath against my ear

With wide eyes I watch as the weight of the world,
Falls back up into the sky,
Leaving a mark on my once snowy white wings,
Now the color of storm with the sun just behind the clouds

The broken wing feels like agony,
But if I could I would wrap it around the one who saved me from myself

No one has ever dared touch this...
No one has ever dared do the same for me
That I would have risked anything
To do for another

Who- why-
Nothing is making sense as my feet touches the ground
I turn around
And it's... my best friend

That chose heaven over this.

Her wings are still white,
She didn't disobey

The confusion sinks in
And the sky smiles

Her eyes the color of an ocean, and the Reflection Of a sky so deep
Her hair long enough to reach her thighs
A brown that matches my eyes

Perfect in the soft glow of her face-
Never mind the light shining around her wings-

She gazes at me,
And I'm shaking

I don't deserve this
I broke the rules
And I chose to love earth more than
I failed the sky and the light
I failed myself by letting the city streets
Drag me down as far as I could go

She extends her hand to take mine,
Did I really reach out first?
Impossible- how could I-

She came for me.

She had no reason to
But she came back for me

My pieces of my visage rearrange themselves,
And I'm calling her "my best friend"
Though the sound cannot escape
I can't close again...

"My best friend"
She whispers back,
And looks up into the sky
The light brightens
No judgement waits-
Or have I been judged already?

But I can't stop staring,
At the person I love the most
At the person who loves me the most

I don't understand...
And I can't move
My legs are weak
My lungs feel like they're filled with fire

I pull her closer to me
I don't ever want you to leave again-

Then she looks back at me,
Her irises of the sky, meeting mine of the mountains
Her soft lips part,
And the melody dances in the air

Sad and patient
Full of love...
And of kindness.

Dark Angel, it's time you've come home,
Come home with me-
It's time you've come home.

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