October 3, 2017
By Blake.T.Stout BRONZE, Leavittsburg, Ohio
Blake.T.Stout BRONZE, Leavittsburg, Ohio
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Life is bright and shiny
Life is joy and happy
Life to other people is different
Life is sorrow and loneliness
Life is dark and scary
Life to me is both
Life is joyful and sorrow
Life is dark and bright
Life to me is a matter of all

No matter what it is life
I will have friends at my side in life
But sometimes i will not
I will have time where I’m scared
There will be times where I’m happy
I will be in the dark and alone
But then my friends and family bring me into the light
I will always have a dark and light side
Just like yin yang

So sometimes I will leave
But then I welcome back
Sometimes I will yell
Then I will talk in such a low voice
Sometimes I will be happy
But then sad in a flash
Some say I am always happy
But underneath this smile is a face of depression
Some think I am smart
But I am average with no straight A’s

I’m not a perfect person
I have many flaws
From not being the perfect student
To being too trustful
From being depressed sometimes
To not loving my life
From having a short temper
To being as shy as a shadow
From loving weird bands
To a whole lot of other flaws

I can be mean sometimes
But i would hate it
I have been bullied
Been treated bad
I’ve had my share of words
And my share of fights
I try to do my best
But i can’t sometimes
I have in the past cry myself to sleep
I have been loved
And hurt by love
I’ve had my share of laughs
And my share of tiers

Life to me is
Sorrow and joy
Loneliness and love
Bright and dark
Life to me is
Good and bad
Sad and happy
Life to me is life at its roots

The author's comments:

I wrote this in 8th grade. It was my first ever serious poem Wrote.
It's just a poem for people to injoy.

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