One Year Later...

October 3, 2017
By TomNettles SILVER, Newcastle, Washington
TomNettles SILVER, Newcastle, Washington
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Here I am again,
Got myself wound up again
In the sky
With my head in the clouds
And my feet planted and rooted,
But not onto the ground


Got myself lost again
Stuck up in the same tree
As I was when a flash of a white-golden head
Was all I could see


It's been a year since everything really started,
Since the summer wore the last of me away
That was holding me back


A year since the music and the heat
Went to my head
And a full four seasons
Since I've said I've had enough


Of falling on my knees
And calling it quits just because
A young sun has fallen down
And I failed once again


Because a life time ago,
I couldn't imagine saying another farewell


I caught the innocence falling from the trees,
And washed the fear off my quickly jading face,
'Cause I couldn't just leave it alone
I had to run the horse into the ground


Or sit down in the storm of changing colors,
And die having never run to finish it,
Having never really run at all,
Just to avoid taking a fall
Head first


Head first,
And here I am
It hasn't changed that I've still got nothing to lose,
It's only changed,
That I have everything to gain,


And I've gained a friend in you,
All 'cause I couldn't shut my mouth just once
All because that was all you needed


To give this another glance,


My best friend,
Here we've come full circle,
And there's things we both know
And won't say just yet


And there's nothing we can't say,
And nothing we can't do,
And we've got all the time in the world
And you know we're one thing built to last


So let's spend these fallen leaves,
Spend it all,
Because for now,
All I want to do is laugh with you

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