Thanks but no thanks

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear boys,


No, I do not need you to tell me I'm beautiful.

I do not need help carrying this box you deem "heavy."

I will not give you a smile just because you tell me so.

Nor will I pay you any attention when you yell at me from afar.

Thanks, but no thanks.


Mother dearest,


I love you, but sometimes, you can be mean.

You say I can't be mad, when you yourself yell at dad.

You tell me my clothes are sl*tty, but I can’t help thinking you’re a little nutty.
I’m just wearing a simple dress and a pair of sandals.
You say I am your world, but am I really?
  It seems to me, that you don’t think I’m pretty.
From my “sl*tty” clothes to how much I weigh, you want to change me.
Dearest mother, thanks but no thanks.


To Strangers,


Don’t tell me what I can or can’t achieve.
Don’t take one look at me and determine my personality.
I may not dress to your liking, but it is what I love.
So don’t come up to me and tell me, I look ugly
Don’t tell me I look sl*tty
Don’t you dare tell me to change.
Because if you are determined to live in your own little world,
If you can’t adapt to reality,
Then screw you and goodnight!

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