A Letter to My 10-Year-Old Self

October 3, 2017
By K4$hM0n3y BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
K4$hM0n3y BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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  Dear 10-year-old me,
I want you to listen to exactly what I’m about to tell you.
First off, remember that Mom and Dad’s divorce was not, in
Any way your fault. Remember that it was the stock market crash
Of 2008 that sent Dad’s business plummeting off the face of
The Earth, combined with his alleged extramarital affair that helped
To contribute to the event. The best advice I can give to you, little
Guy, is to wipe away those salty tears and be strong, even if Mom
Remarries a man you’re not fond of with children you’re not fond of.
Mom will always hold you in the highest regards and give you all
The love in the world even when you’ll attempt to commit suicide 3
Separate times and slash your wrists with a terribly toothed razor
Blade. Dad will always love you, too, even if your time with him,
At the moment, is sporadic at best. Kennedy, your own sister, will
Always love you no matter how many times you both verbally scuffle.
Most of all, I will always love you.
Sincerely, your 17 year old present self.
P.S., hug and kiss Mom and Dad for me, even as
They’re signing the papers.

The author's comments:

I began writing this piece as a poem for my Creative Writing class. Originally, I was going to write about modern-day news media and how filtered and skewed it can be. But as I pondered, I decided to write about this personal event as I feel like it is something that some people can relate to. Therefore, they can take knowledge in the fact that I've been through these struggles, and that their not alone in them. 

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