Not ordinary

October 3, 2017
By thekidcam BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
thekidcam BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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He is not ordinary: he is not like any regular kid. Most kids dreams are of playing professional football, basketball, or baseball, but he does not dream of that.
His dreams are different than anyone else’s: he dreams of fighting. He does not want a regular job that does not captivate him. Fighting amuses him, not because it’s violence, but because it's a way of life. He loves working out he thrives off of it. the way of life the way of martial art he loves it. The kid dreams of doing it, but he feels as if no one cares feels as if his dreams are not worthy. The way he feels is not supported he wonders if someone who cares who would motivate him who would go through training,pain,sweat,and blood with him
Everyday in the gym, training two times a day. He is tired of what everybody else wants him to do.He wants to reveal his unique wanting for the sport.Everyone will regret their words when he is a millionaire. At the age of 26 he will get there he wants it bad enough he will thrive someday.Someday he will be the best there is he will have no more struggle his family will have no more struggle. Hewill be able to get his family whatever they dream for. He will get there someday without a doubt.

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