"My Start To Finding My Peace Of Mind"

October 3, 2017
By Epiphany Hobbs BRONZE, Jackson, Mississippi
Epiphany Hobbs BRONZE, Jackson, Mississippi
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Sometimes it hurts to go on
Feeling I've held for so long
Through your twisted right and my painful wrong
Sometimes I mentally fall
But I still stand physically
And although I forget this
In truth I am strong
"A Start To Finding My Peace of Mind"
It's because of the whispers I hear when I walk past a group of people. The stares , the onlooking of all my scars by complete strangers. The vulnerability. The running I do in my head , and I feels as though I run in circles confusing myself ; like a light switch , I go back and forth with my conscience , defending my position in life. I feel as though I've mentally spilt myself. And this is why my desire for a peace of Mind is so strong. Not just for me , but for ever one I interact with. I want to be my whole self. And I will be. I will be.

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