All The Food

October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

I like food and food is good
There are so many different kinds
From so many different places
Food from, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany,China, Japan
Food from everywhere
Food can be your best friend or your worst nightmare
There’s food for breakfast lunch and dinner
There's healthy food and junk food
There’s greasy food and clean food
There’s snack food and meal food
There's raw food and cooked food
There’s finger food and fancy food
There’s restaurant food and homemade food
There’s pet food and human food
There’s gluten free food and vegan food
There’s organic food and processed food
Protein to make you big like a boat
Dairy to make your bones strong like iron
Grain and carbs to give you energy like a generator
Fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy
Dessert and treats to keep you unhealthy
Food Is everywhere and food controls us

The author's comments:

Its all about food

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