The Journey

October 2, 2017
By Foreignn__k BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Foreignn__k BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Work hard , Play hard .

                 The journey of steps I take to reach my destination ,

                                  I embark on a new journey .

                          Keep me headed in the same direction

                          Though the track may sometimes bend

                               Let happiness be my destination .

                                     In the future not so near

                         Everybody has things they wish not to recall ,

                                         Some rain must fall ,

                                   Let my trademark be a smile ,

                                    Let me enjoy every footstep ,

                                     Not stopping a single mile .

                      For the highs and lows and moments between

                       Mountains and valleys and rivers and streams .

                                       I will learn to be strong ,

                                       I will get where I am going ,

                                       Landing where I belong .

                   This journey consist both positive and negative ,

                It teaches me to move forward and fulfill my dreams ,

                                   Whichever way I want , I travel ,

                           And the path I choose leads to my destiny .

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