October 2, 2017
By harperdeon107 BRONZE, Harriet, Michigan
harperdeon107 BRONZE, Harriet, Michigan
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R.I.P Sam

he stayed in that pink dolphin
He never took no losses he

always stayed
Flashin and he never been to

Boston I
Loved Sam even when I lost him
I remember when he

picked me up from school


you know he was flashin

We was driving in the whip

criss crossin
And me and my sister

was crying when we lost him

    We felt like we took

one of our biggest losses but we

Got through it
And now we ballin

The author's comments:

This poem is a special to me . It is special because it’s a poem of me remembering the good times of a bad time. It’s about the best memory I had with that person I lost. It also put me into one of the darkest times in my life.
I used rhyme scheme in my poem. I used rhyme scheme by making all my lines sound alike and make some type of rhyme pattern. I used line breaks in this poem  by making my lines shorter than one another.
No i do not see myself as a poet. One reason i don't see myself as a poet is non of my poems are published. One more reason I don't see myself as a poet because in all of my poem I dont I dont use any writers devices

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