October 2, 2017
By whovianoverload SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
whovianoverload SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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She is an installation;            a cellophane book
hung up;                              f o r g o t t e n
in an art gallery,
the passersby                        ignore her                  
as passersby do.
                                                                             Just a slight
                                                         shimmer                   a    
                                                         transparent disruption
                                                         of the               a   i    r 
                             An anomaly.
the letters inked
on her pages
                            Inc o m  p    l e t     e
                                                                    and inc?mparabl?
why are you crying?
her words
             l         unheard—                                slip from
her thin pages
why do you carry                                             those books:
with yellowing,
dog-eared pages
that smell of

                                     does it hurt?
does their weight
make you feel                  opaque,
                                                                      touchable, even?
why do you
give them                       a w a y
so freely?
                                   does it hurt?
     does it hurt?
     does it hurt?

The author's comments:

I saw a woman in the train station sitting alone and crying. She was surrounded by books that were damp from the rain. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was trying to get money to go to the doctor for her hand, which I realized was in a brace. The bookstores wouldn't take the books, so now she was begging people to take them for free because she couldn't carry them anymore. I bought my first Maya Angelou book from her and missed the next train. Her name was Atlantis.

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