October 1st

October 1, 2017

Even after he tried to drown me
I still held his hand
I was in love
The first time
Someone loved me
The same way
I loved them
It was real
It was passion
It was true
I was all you thought about
You were my living dreams
Everyday we held hands
I felt more love than it seemed
I was such a happy child
If and only for a while
I used to laugh and smile and play
Then I cut myself that day
I was bullied by everyone
The world hated the person I was
So I hated it too..
I tried to stop myself I cried myself to sleep praying to god himself
On my knees
But all I was told
Was I'm on my knees because I'm a fa***t
Izzikell was strong enough to always fight off these demons
But they burned me
They cut me
They starved me
They sickened me
They build me
The parts that yu had that I missed
They built them
They are my fire
My reason of being
Without them
I would be blind and unseeing
Now I can fight
As mother nature
I'm a f***ing force to be wreaked with
I promise I'm what hey they say her to be

In memory of my beloved
My fame. My success. My glory, my story. My legion. My presence. My death. My generation. My pleasure. My change. My world. My utopia. My heart.
There all yours.
I'm sorry..

The author's comments:

The deepest parts of my soul inspire my work the beauty is truth in the art

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