October 1, 2017
By GalacticGlitterMen GOLD, Brooklyn, NY, New York
GalacticGlitterMen GOLD, Brooklyn, NY, New York
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dearest child,
wolves eat honey and chalk for you
to curl up at your side
nose to nose
ends and beginnings.
dearest child
there is warmth in the song i sing for you
it is quiet in this soft night
rain comes to wash
the whole world clean.
dearest child
they will write a story for you
will make you a body lyrical
but not yet
not yet.
dearest child
history will forget me
but they will love you
and i do not care
what they think of me
i care only for you.
dearest child
dearest sister
i am wild and so you are not mine.
i cry ivy to curl around your mind
and i sing feathers
so that some day
you will be able to fly.

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