September 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Five, six, seven, eight, so on and so forth
The hours go by
Sick, aching, legs shaking
Climbing the ladder, afraid to fall in the f

Carrying weight on my shoulders
Roofing is no joke
Heights give me frights, that i’ll never be cured from
Makes me so bummed

My dad, hard working on the roof
Boots thumping, ladder shaking as I hold it steady
Little brother playing in the golden leaves that crunch in the footsteps
with the dogs in the yard
As he leaves to get the ball

This house is too tall
To tall for me as tall as a skyscraper
While I stand on a slant
Having a panic attack

The author's comments:

wrting this peom because of the time i spent a lot of time into my work as i did in this peom.

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