Dear Homecoming Queen

September 30, 2017
By CoraB BRONZE, Butte, Montana
CoraB BRONZE, Butte, Montana
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Dear Homecoming Queen.
With your crown and you gorgeous dress.
Who do you think you are?

Sure you have a ton of friends
Most of which voted for you,
But are they your real friends?

Trust me I'm not trying to assault you.
High school is a monarchy, but
Think about it. All the people you call friends.

Most of which hardly even know you.
All the want is to be known.
So yeah your the most popular girl in school.

You get to wear a pretty dress.
Walk across the field with a handsome boy.
And eventually you walk off with a crown.

All this sounds amazing until you read between the lines.

The dress you wear, was your prom dress freshman year and most likely was five hundred dollars or more. That boy who walked you across the field he already has another girl lined up after the party you go to tonight. And that crown. The gorgeous crown you campained for.

It's fake of course. Yeah it sparkles but those aren't real diamonds. There just cheap rinestones from China.

So ask yourself Dear Homecoming Queen. What else is fake? Who are your real friends or do you even have any.

Cause you live in a life that is fake and always has been.

The author's comments:

This was inspired by my resent Homecoming game where as usual all the Homecoming royalty was the popular kids. And it's interesting to think that it's always the same people who get voted in for Homecoming royalty.

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