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Silent Killer

September 30, 2017
By 4teenliars BRONZE, Greater Manchester, Other
4teenliars BRONZE, Greater Manchester, Other
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We don’t think about it
We sign deals
Pretending to think about it
We never realise it
Till we have to send some amount of money
That we call aid
To the natural disaster
That we caused
While driving and revving our expensive cars
While we order our designer bags
Forgetting that we signed deals
Saying we would help
But we don’t have it that bad
So, we forget it
And continue till we have to renew our contracts
For something we teach about
Make headlines on the news
But never care about it

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem for national poetry day. In my poem, I include topics like the Paris climate change deal, natural disasters.

Next, you order a designer bag or buy a new car think about China and all the 3rd world countries where your bag is probably made. Where its so cheap to produce and there is no law preventing people from doing this.

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